Where To Stay

Near by locations

Mount Cotton

While Siromet do offer accomodation on site, this has already been booked out for the wedding date. There is plenty of other great locations near by that you might like to look at.

The Venue

Find everything you need to know about our wedding at Sirromet Winery

The Reception

The reception will take place at the Sirromet Winery Restaurent Lurleens from 5.30pm.


Will begin at 2.30pm, the ceremony will be held at the Laguna wedding ceremony platform, surrounded by a natural lagoon with water lilies and stunning bushland.


We love your kids but we thought you might like a night off. Adults only please.

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Prior to the reception, a room will be available for you to mingle and begin the celebrations.

Recovery Breakfast

To help recover from the festivities the next morning you might enjoy the buffet breakfast at Lurlees Restaurant, if you would like to book a table, please call Sirromet directly.

Please call (07) 3206 2999